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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Some people say that we shouldn't groom our dog to often, is this true?  How often should I get my pet groomed?


We suggest bringing your puppies in for grooming as soon as you get them.  Our puppies have had at least 6 baths before they are eight weeks of age.  Therefore it is never, ever too early to start grooming.  The new puppy relates it to being groomed by its mother.  The more you do it the more well behaved the pet will be.  We recommend getting your pet professionally groomed once a month.  Brushing on a daily basis.  Keeping on schedule will keep your pets coat healthy and clean.  You cannot groom your pet often enough.  If you wait longer grooming your pets coat will matt up and cause them to be very uncomfortable.  It is very hard on you pet and the grooming will cost more.

2. I would like the hair to grow out long, how do I keep him/her from matting?


Growing the coat longer does take more effort from the owner.  The pet must be brushed daily and we would recommend bringing them in for a bath/grooming at least every two-three weeks.  Wearing sweaters, coats and harnesses will matt the coat very quickly.  Combing is a must.  A pet that gets matted is a target for infections and illness.

3. What does a Pet Grooming all include/cost?

Pet groomings include a Therapeutic Bath with appropriate shampoos and conditioners, complete blow drying by hand, hair cut to your specifications, Nail Trim, Clean Ears and expressing Annal Glands.  We also clean teeth for an additional charge.  Pet grooming prices vary according to breed, haircuts and temperament.  We try to keep our prices very reasonable.  We would rather see you more often and charge less.  Call for pricing 920-465-4422.

4.  What times do I drop the pet off and pick them up?


We are open Monday through Friday.  We have convenient location that has easy drive up to the door, drop off.  Please drop Pets off between 7-9 A.M. and then we can call you when they are done or you can come back between 1-4 P.M.  Friday's we are open until noon.  Please call for an appointment 920-465-4422.

5.  Who takes care of my pet while in your shop?


While your pet is at Town & Country Pet Grooming the only people that will be handling them will be Dave and Ellen (owners/groomers).  Special care is taken for each individual dog and their unique needs.  Everyone from puppies to seniors to dogs with health issues and those that need special care.  We care about each dog and their needs.  We treat each pet as we would want our pet to be treated, with respect and dignity.  We like to have a clean, safe, quiet and controlled environment.  Together, we have been involved in grooming dogs for a combined 75 years!

6.  How many years have you been in business?


We have been in business for 22 years and 7 months at this location!  That is a testament to our commitment to the professional care of your pet, our services that we provide are the highest quality care, at the lowest possible prices.

7.  Do you groom all breeds of dogs/cats?


Yes, we groom all breeds of dogs and cats.  We understand each breed, what they were bred to do, and their nuances that make them special.  We have many years of experience grooming many different breeds.  Our experience, knowledge and caring ways are what set us apart from others.

8.  How often should I get my pets teeth cleaned?


We offer full scale teeth cleaning with no sedatives.  This is a completely safe, fast and easy way to take care of your pet's teeth cleaning needs.  We recommend having this done at least four times a year.  Some need it more often.  Clean teeth help your pet stay healthy and strong.  Dirty teeth cause your dog to always be fighting off an infection.  Our goal is to keep the cost very affordable.  This encourages regular teeth cleaning, to ensure health and overall a huge cost savings, over once a year sedation style cleaning.  We can also alert you if there is a need for the pet to have further attention to their teeth.

9.  What kind of dog food do you feed your dogs?


We recommend ELITE-PRO dog food.  This is a food that we developed and have produced for our show dogs.  Currently we have over 1000 dogs enjoying a happy and healthy diet!  It can be purchased here at Town & Country Pet Grooming.  This is not your average dog food.  It is very unique, as the ingredients and all of the production is done in a Bio-Secure facility.  We have personally toured this facility, where the emphasis is on cleanliness and quality.  Our food is produced at a lower temperature than most dog foods, allowing for better retention of nutrients.  Elite-Pro Dog Food has only the highest quality ingredients, that are 100% USA sourced and produced at a Specialty Facility in South Dakota.  Our production runs are done for us exclusively every three months.  Therefore, our food is always fresh and never stored in warehouses.  Elite-Pro Dog Food, is loaded with Vitamins, Minerals, Prebiotics, Probiotics, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and ingredients that are safe for human consumption.  There is no corn, no soy, no wheat, no barley and no oats.  This is the highest quality food, and the best for our dogs, and yours too!  Stop in for a FREE sample.

10.  My dog is afraid, how do I get him t be confident?

Staying on a regular once a month schedule for pet groomings will help with this issue.  The more you do anything the more confident you and your pet will become.  One of the keys to calming your dog down is being confident yourself.  The dogs will read off of you.  If you are nervous and apprehensive, it will feed right into the dog.  We recommend whenever you take your dog to the Veterinarian or Pet Groomer, do so with confidence.  Be happy and confident.  Walk in and hand the pet over to the caregiver and have no concerns.  All will be good.  Within minutes all the pets that come to our shop are sleeping and relaxed.

The greatest compliment that you bestow on us, is to recommend our services and dog food, to your friends and family.

Please feel free to stop in anytime with your questions!

Town and Country Pet Grooming
Town and Country Pet Grooming
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