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Grooming Services

The health of your pet is very important to us. Because of our experience, we will help to inform you of any health or developmental issues that may come about. We are not a Veterinarian office, but if we see any health concerns we will refer you to one if necessary.

Town & Country Pet Grooming is recommended by many local Veterinarian offices. We have very high respect for the services that Veterinarians provide, and we also know that a well groomed and clean pet is a major step in keeping your pet healthy and happy. You can see and feel the difference when a pet is freshly groomed.

Our goal has always been to maintain an affordable price for all of our clients. We find our prices more affordable than most in the area. We highly urge our clients to come in on a 4-6 week schedule for "regular" groomings.

Town and Country Pet Grooming Brush
Town and Country Pet Grooming Nails
Town and Country Pet Grooming Ear
Town and Country Pet Grooming Ear
Town and Country Pet Grooming Bath
Town and Country Pet Grooming Bath
Pet Grooming Haircut
Pet Grooming Haircut


Includes bath, brushing, haircut, nail trim, ear cleaning and anal glands.  

*Teeth cleaning can be added for a discounted price.

Baths: Full warm, therapeutic bath that will get your pet clean and smelling fresh. We use Top of the Line

Shampoos and conditions that will fit your pets coat needs. We also blow dry your pet 100% by hand. No           

cage dryers!!

Flea Baths: If needed we have safe Flea Shampoos to kill any unwanted friends that have taken occupancy on

your pet:)

Brushing: Your pet will receive a complete brushing before, during and after to ensure minimal shedding.

Haircuts: Dave and Ellen will consult with you upon arrival, to ensure the proper trimming is done with your pet.

Rest assured that we will do all we can to make your pet look it's best! (some dogs that have excessive

matting may have to be shaved down)

Nail Trims: We trim all nails when groomed. If you just need a nail trim give us a call.  We can usually accommodate same day for nail trim, but please call first.    $10.00 - $20.00.  We can usually accommodate

Ear Cleaning: We clean ears with a safe ear cleaner. We can also notify you if your pet has ear

infections or need any extra care.

Anal Glands: Glands are expressed during bath time. We also are available to do this on a walk in basis for
$5.00 - $10.00.

Please call ahead

Teeth Cleaning: Please see our Teeth Cleaning page. This is a special service we provide to our clients. It is very

safe and effective way to keep your pet healthy and have clean teeth year round. We recommend it at least

3-4 times a year.


Combs, Brushes etc...

Elite Dog Food: See Elite Dog Food Page

Town and Country Pet Grooming
Town and Country Pet Grooming
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